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Take time to relax

It is no secret that there seems to be more stressed now than there ever has been in our lives. With inflation and the fear of losing our jobs among other things, we are living in pretty stressful times, but I wanted to remind you that it is also important that you slow down and take time out to relax, I have started to incorporate that in my life as well. When I feel as though I am about to be overwhelmed, I take out at least 10 minutes or more and just relax I even incorporated it with my daughter as well. We will sit back, no phones or anything. I will turn on Rain Sounds and we will just relax and I'm telling you once I started to incorporate that into my life it has been so much better. I feel so much relaxed when I get up I feel refreshed so I urge you to do the same and what I will do as well is, I will below some of the playlist that I use on Spotify during my relaxation times. I hope this helps.


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