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Parents Corner: Helpful tips for parents of special needs children

Recently, I had to do another evaluation for my daughter Yava'ah. the last time I had to do it was in 2018 and recently with her turning eight years old she had to get another evaluation to make sure that she can continue to be on the programs and she was still eligible. With that being said, it reminded me how I felt when she was first diagnosed. And how there was no help for me there was no man there was nothing so what I wanted to do to start the "Parents Corner" for special needs parents so that whoever needs it can get that support as well as helpful tips that I have learned along the way. Below I have enclosed a free PDF. that you may download to help you along your journey. I also have a book on Amazon that highlights my journey a little more in depth. I will link that below as well.

Parents Corner
Download PDF • 558KB


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