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It won't always be like this

Depending on your current circumstances, that may be a statement that you cannot fathom. So many things are going on in our world, and it seems as though is one thing after another tough time after tough time and it seems like it will never get better, but I am here to give you a little encouragement that it won't always be like this, how do I know because it hasn't always been like this. What you going through maybe a season but what seasons they change. But it is up to us to decide to hang on in there until they do change whatever I realized even about my own life that I went through hardship was necessary, because there was a cleansing or changing that needed to happen within me and it would've never happened. Had I not gone through that hardship so when I'm trying to say is even in the mist of the storm, stay encouraged because it will all turn around for your good if you don't give up, there's no use of giving up in the middle of the storm. There is joy the other side if you keep going.

Things that have helped me in the middle of the storm:

  1. Prayer

  2. Take it one day at a time. 

  3. Don't focus SOLELY on the storm

  4. Clear your mind if possible

  5. Doing things I loved


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