Worthy Spotlight: Jagged Edge

Hi Everyone, I haven't done one of these in a long time. But you know I believe in giving people their flowers while they're still here. And today's music Spotlight is Jagged Edge. They're one of my favorite groups of all time and recently I found myself binge listening to their songs. What I like most about Jagged Edge is there lyrical content. It's not just random songs that seems  put together  that you hear from them you can tell that they actually spend time on the songs that they produce and when they sing them they singing with such passion. I love their music also because it's classic music. You can listen to their first album and is still relevant to today. They express the emotions of that men sometimes can't express but they also make women feel special and wanted.
And something like that is rare nowadays where women are called everything in the song but a child of God. And with Jagged Edge's music you feel as though you are loved or that there is someone out there that actually has that ability to Love You Like That. So without further ado I am going to leave you with some of my favorite Jagged Edge songs but it's not the complete list because it would be take up the entire blog to get through them.

 This is their latest Single

Other great hits enjoy!

My Current Repeat Song


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