Praise and Thoughts

" I vow to praise you, through the good and the bad. I'll praise you, whether happy or sad. I'll praise you in all that I go through, because praise is what I do"--- Praise is what I do by William Murphy

This song always gets me crying and instantly in worship mode. Why am I writing about this? Because God told me to lol (just joking) This has been a hard week or so for me. Nothing I can't handle but my emotions and everything has been out of wack. I know God's promises to me and they don't seem to be happening or happening as quick. And then it seems to be problem after problem light stuff but still problems and I know I am not the only one who goes through this so I wanted to give you encouragement through this time. 
An entertainer passed away a few weeks ago and although I didn't know him or his music his death hit me pretty hard. My nieces loved him. I only really saw him if he was getting into trouble. But somehow the situation touched me. After his death I watched his videos.  I saw how he was trying to change his life around but never fully got the chance. And I see even to this day, his fans are trying to tell others that same thing. I look at us, as a society how we look past people who are in need thinking of the Junior situation that happened in the Bronx. He was bleeding and no one helped. But rather than looked at society I decided look to at Tammy. 
Although, I will NOT be pouring out my thought process. I have been deep in thought over my life choices I have made and with prayer how to move forward. 
The past can't be changed so I definitely learn from it. But I change the way I perceive people. While writing this I now know that it is God's way. When you are serving people you can't be judgmental. I want to help as many people as I can be that can't be done with an old way of thinking. If you look at Jesus and the people he helped. He helped people that most would walk away from or turn their backs on but not Jesus. He helped them. Think about yourself, your life can help someone else. God gave us all a story don't be afraid to share it. Let's help one another regardless of what someone looks like. God created us all. A lot of people in this world is just looking for love or for someone to just listen. I remember in one of the videos the young man said something along the lines of "he just wanted someone to care about him. And every time someone got close they hurt him."  I know a lot of people has a similar story to that including myself. So why not be what we need for someone else? If we all did that could make a positive impact on this world!

This post is probably really scattered but I am still working out the mental kinks I will continue to pray through this process and hopefully this mental storm will pass soon. I love you all thank you for reading. 


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