Men Appreciation

If you couldn't tell by the title this blog post is dedicated to men. Kings to be exact! Worthy Worth it and Priceless was/is a company for females. It was based on helping us with are self-worth and such. But as the company has grown we have a Male fanbase as well. And often times although the blogs are somewhat inclusive (at least I hope they are) I don't want my male supporters to think that they aren't appreciated.😁 

Today, men I thought of you. I thought about how you do things and sometimes don't even get a thank you because it's expected of you. I thought about how you have to always be the strong one never showing emotion because you will be called weak. I thought about how for years you were taught not to show emotions and as soon as you get into a relationship you are asked by your mate to show emotion. I thought about how some of you may have not had a good role model in your life BUT you are determined not to make the same mistakes. So you try to do the best that you can without any guidance and once again getting overlooked. You try to be there for your kids but because of whatever circumstances you are not able to. A lot of times you are fighting for everyone but who is fighting for you. Oftentimes, we take you for granted we think he's straight because we never hear the words "I need you" or "I need help" Oftentimes, we are to busy to notice. We have the kids, work, church, friends and a business at those times you get overlooked. You have the stress of your job, trying to make ends meet and trying to make sure your parents are straight. Not to mention if you have the added pressure to make sure you make it home alive. And the last thing you need is to argue when you get into the house. BUUUUT often times that's what you do. And if you're a good man you're trying to undo the years of pain your mate endured. All the while, trying to convince her you are not like them. You have to fight her demons and yours. And endure lengthy text messages as soon as you do something wrong.  And be able to deal with our mood swings as well as our indecisiveness when it comes to picking something to eat.

We love you. Sometimes we get caught up and don't know how to show it. We have your back and we appreciate you!


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