Even in the pain there is a purpose!

Every thing you have went through was for a purpose. It will all work out. 
You have heard these statements time and time again BUT it means nothing sometimes when you are in the storm and you're hurting. Those are the times that those words are comforting BUT you would rather the pain just GO AWAY! You seem to cry out to God, knowing that he heard you but not really sure. You start questioning yourself and past decisions.  You start thinking your crazy.
But I want you to do something crazier LET GO! Stop thinking, stop trying to figure everything out! I am not telling you anything I haven't had to say or do. When I see my mind wondering through every possibility or every out come of a situation. I realize that I am driving myself crazy literally. That's just what the enemy wants. He wants you distracted so you can't see the road ahead. He wants your problems to overwhelm you. He wants you to get off course. Don't allow it to happen to you. It's all for a reason don't give up you are going to make it! Give it to God and take things as they come 1 day at a time.


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