Keep Going!

Just a friendly reminder to Keep Going! Today might not look good. Tomorrow may not look much better BUT things can change instantly in your favor. Months ago, I lost everything and had to start over again from scratch. Although, I tried to keep things going I simply couldn't. I stopped blogging. I haven't done a video in months (I will go back to those promise). I was in a season where EVERY area in my life was attacked! You better believe I had some questions for God. I cut people off. I couldn't talk to anyone about what was going on with me because heck I didn't know.  I was in positions I had never been before and instead of telling someone else my problems. I did something I never really done I went to God an trusted God alone. Talking to friends is cool but only God can change your situation. You have no idea how much I cried at night. Waited for Vaya to go to sleep and really lay it all out on the alter. It wasn't over night, because there were things I had to work on within myself. But 1 day the crying stopped when I heard a voice say "You are crying about something I have already worked out" Well Amen. If we believe we have to keep our faith in God. Why pray and worry those words don't go together. It DEFINITELY wasn't over night but slowly things started to change. Slowly I am starting to be the woman, mother and business owner that I always dreamed of. The thing is God sometimes has to break you down to your simplest form to rebuild you. He changes your mindset by having you go through things you may have never imagined. Just to show you ALL things are possible through him. Had I given up I would've never known that God had a way to bring me out. If I only looked at my problems I wouldn'thave known that God had a solution. Hallelujah!
Keep going your going to make it through just fine! Here is my favorite song when I am going through it!

Inspirational words from Will Smith


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