Stay True To You

If you have been on the blog recently,  you will see that I changed the layout of the blog. After some time and patience it is now back to normal (Thank God!) . Well in the journey is the lesson. What had happened was blogger had new themes and I kind of wanted to update the blog as well. I saw pink and I went for it. The look of the blog looked more professional and somewhat like other blogs. So I went for it, I was sooo excited. There was a couple of things I didn't realize but you will DEFINITELY find out about those in a moment. Around the same time, I got an offer from a marketing company to look over my websites and give me feedback (YESSSS! Please) . So the pointers were great they stated that my blog should have my logo on it. This is what I didn't realize! With the new design I was unable to add my logo and I was also unable to keep my page view count, which at this time was over 40k . I worked hard for both of those. Unfortunately, I was unable to save my previous theme (which is somewhat what you see now) and at the time I couldn't remember how to change it back manually. I felt defeated. I lost things that mattered the most to me (blog wise) ,things that I worked hard for and the things that identified my brand. "What have I done?" I had to ask myself. "Why did I even change my blog?"  To be like everyone else. By nothing about me, my company or my blog is like everyone else. So why did I try to fit in?

Thank God he restored what I lost. But I almost lost what I worked hard for to fit in. I said all of that to encourage you. Don't try to fit in you are YOU for a reason. You will lose a part of yourself trying to fit in. Don't compromise who you are. I know as far as my business goes, when I have meetings or have to talk to people about my business. At first, they have a comment about the name. Then, what I tell them what I do they either say it's cool or want me to change something about it to make them more comfortable. Which is something I will never do and you shouldn't either. You, your business or anything attached to you may be unique but don't let anyone change who you are! You are wondering, amazing, strong, beautiful, intelligent among other things and if that bothers someone else they don't deserve to be around you! Don't hide who you are to make others happy! Life is too short for that be the best you!

You are Worthy Worth It and Priceless!


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