Follow Your Own Path

This is a picture of my sweet rebel Yava'ah. We went to the park last week. Although, I showed Vaya the right way to go the 1st time, when she got down the slide she had other plans. Now if you can see it was a rainy day but that didn't stop her. I tried to stop her a few times but it didn't work. I had to learn as her mother, I have to allow her to learn on her own. Sometimes we want to help our kids so much that we enable them from doing things that they only depend on us and not see the power that they possess.

Anywhoo, I stayed very close making sure she didn't hurt herself with her many attempts. She went from one slide to do next trying to go the wrong way. When it was time, I showed her again the right way to go. Yava'ah actually got up the climbing wall ALL BY HERSELF. So her attempts going up the wrong way prepared her to go up the right way.
That's what happens in our lives we either see others going the wrong way we learn from there experiences or even our own. When we get our chance, we shine! 
God has a path that is taylor-made just for you.  He is with you.  You may feel alone but realize that God is always present.  Nothing is too hard for him to bring you out of. Think about Vaya's story her victory was worth so much more because she stumbled earlier. Your victory will be so much greater because of all you have learned along the way.  Don't worry about others, you got this! Be encouraged!

You are Worthy Worth It and Priceless 


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