Make sure God is in the midst.

  Often times, we try to do things on our own. We think we know best. The problem with that is we often put ourselves in compromising positions. We run from one extreme to the next and then we wake up one day and we say "How did I get here? "
  What happens is during those we either don't listen to God or we don't sit long enough for the answer. I was told one time that I run so fast and I jump to quick and then after the fact I think about it and want to go back.  And you know as women we are quick to say "no". But I took a second and I realized in my retail days some of those jobs did look appealing until I got behind the scenes and saw the truth and realized it wasn't what I wanted. 
  However,  all of that could have been avoided had I listened to God. Had God been a part of my plans I wouldn't have made those decisions. I would have seen that the job where I was at wasn't as bad as I thought it was.

   We have to reexamine our lives and make sure that God is a part of our plans and actually that we seek God first before we even go through with our plans. He knows what is best for us. But at times we don't seek him as much as we should. And like I stated before then when all the chips are down and our life doesn't look like we imagined it to look like then we want to cry out to God please save me please help me please restore. But why not seek him first before we make a decision so we can avoid that.

What I want you to do is also to give yourself a break. We are often times too hard on ourselves for the decisions that we have made in the past. We carry those burdens with us every day we think of all of the what-ifs the should-haves the could-haves but we need to do is give ourself a break. We cannot change the past although we would like to what two things in our past God is to where we are right now and without our past we wouldn't have the knowledge that we have today. So thank God for your past but look forward to a better future. Know that you have more in store for you then yesterday. Know that there is more to life than what you think. It is not over for you this is just the beginning this is your confirmation this is your wake-up call. Now it is up to you to go forward and do what is best for your life as well as your families.

Remember you are Worthy Worth it and Priceless


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