Be About Your Business

Not too long ago, I had a post on Instagram about making sure you define your business or others will define it for you. This is so true I recently, had a business meeting with an agency  to see if they help move the business forward in some way. WELL actually after that meeting is how created the quote. I will say it wasn't their fault. I know what Worthy Worth It and Priceless is but in this particular meeting I could quite put the words together until about the end of the meeting smh. Don't get me wrong it was very informative BUT it was to the point that they were having me go into the direction of weddings and baby showers. 
I said all of that to say. If you have a business take time out to prepare and plan your business. Where do you see your business in the future? Who are the key players? How will you eventually get out of the business or do you want to pass it along to your children? Do all of these things even before you get money it's FREE! it just takes time. Isn't your dreams worth that?


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