There's More to Come

So I'm feeding Vaya apples so there's a crumbled apple on the floor Vaya is going crazy over the apple so what happens is I bring her a fresh new slice she feels better now.They apple slices that are on the floor they were actually chewed up Vaya and spit out but she still wanted to eat them and I had to guide her over to the plate full of fresh new apples. The things that happened in your past is history. You  can't go back and relive those things. You have to be present in your life. Those apples once they go on the ground there trash just like your past not saying that you don't learn from it. Not saying that you didn't get nourishment from them but it's just the past. You can't relive that just like they couldn't pick up those apple slices off the floor because it's trash it's now time to move on to the destiny that God has given there is no reason to be in a present season and looking back at the past when you know for sure that God has something greater in front of you.


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