Study Yourself

Stick with me don't think I am crazy but I am very serious! Yes the statement is correct study yourself. I have recently being going through SERIOUS life changes and I had to check myself and stop pointing the fingers at others. Lord knows this self discovery has been hard as ever. I had to face facts I never wanted to face. I had to face things I didn't even know about myself Okaaay! (Tammy isn't perfect by any means.) 
     But what happened is I was looking through an old email between myself and someone else there were times I didn't like my responses. I had to dig deep into myself. The things that this person said was actually right. But at the time I couldn't see that they were right or I wasn't in the right space to listen. I am ALWAYS transparent ya'll have met me even if we haven't met in person lol!
 This process will be hard I am not going to lie you may not like how you see yourself. You may even cry. But the process is necessary to change you need to see yourself with new eyes. 


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