Relationship Talk: Listening To Friends

This post is something I have heard a lot in a past relationship as well as it's a topic that can really upset a man especially a man in a relationship. (DISCLAIMER: This may not be a feel good topic or it may not pertain to everyone. This is more or less a mirror post in which you have to dig deep and look at yourself)
So as I previously posted, I am doing self reflection. I am actually studying myself. So with that I have had a tendency to seek others advice or always confided in someone. So much so that GOD himself had to tell me to " Stop seeking others opinions, Stop worrying about what others think worry about what he thinks" Now you know it's bad when God has to speak to you. But that still didn't stop me.  The crazy thing is I knew better. But every time I was upset I flew off the handle with emotion and I had to tell someone. Especially if someone did something wrong. Now I was cleaver because I learned early on you kinda can't tell the whole story just what makes you upset seems wrong but I realized when I told the whole story I might actually be wrong and I didn't need that kind of negativity when I was mad. (J/k lol. Kinda serious) But think about it when you are mad  the last thing you need is your friends to be on your man's side.
Back to the story
I knew what happens when you listen to others. No matter what you have to deal with the consequences if they are wrong. Just like if you work at a job and a customer asks you a question, you ask your supervisor . You believe what they tell you so you tell the customer if it's wrong it falls on you. Same thing with listening to friends. You have to live without your mate if you guys break up. You have to deal with the broken heart. Not all friends advice is wrong. But at the end of the day it's your relationship.
Now this is the serious mirror part.
Your friends may tell you bad advice just to break you guys up. You have friends that may want to secretly see you unhappy. You may also have a friends that see your position as their position or as a relationship that THEY once have been through and give you advice based off that. Or you may have a friend that gives you bad advice and then hides there hands like "Girl , I didn't tell you to do that!"  And then you are stuck like chuck. I have been there. You and your mate should make the rules in your relationship not outside parties. What may work for your friends may be just fine for you. Don't let anyone define who you are or what your relationship is. It's your life " Live it Worthy Worth it and Priceless"

Disclaimer: This isn't about an abusive relationship (Mental, Physical or Emotional) or anything along those lines. 


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