God Gives Rainbows

It seems as though everyone is going through right now. I don't know rather to call it a storm or transition but whatever it is God is still giving rainbows every now and again to let you know he's still there. Think about a terrible rainstorm it's thundering and lighting scaring everyone. Then what happens behind those dark heavy clouds you see sunlight. Then you look right beside you what do you see? A rainbow! God hasn't forgotten about you. But this storm is what you have to go through to be renewed for you to be the person her created you to be. He's not done working on you. This is just the beginning. I know it's hard, you may not understand why all of this is happening now. But it's all apart of God's plan. Even death no one wants to hear it. I know I didn't I wanted my grandma to live forever. But what I didn't know was the pain she was going through. A lot of times our loved ones are going through pain long before they even tell us.  Sure we want them here with us but God wants to give them rest. I know it's hard but try to see the rainbow in that. Don't let the sun go down without letting someone know you love them or how they have positively influenced your life for one day they will be apart of that rainbow in the sky.

Always remember that you are Worthy Worth It and Priceless


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