Don't Hide

Day 1
Under her safety blanket that my little princess Yava'ah. This is the first time she's has been on the swings and she actually wasn't having it. She puts her blanket over her head when she doesn't know someone doesn't want to do something or just wants to be left alone.

 Day 2
She played in the grass more than on the swings. I was able to get her to only do 1 quick session of swings before it was all about the grass.

Day 3
You see that smile! She conquered the swings she loved it. She had a few sessions she didn't even bother with the grass!

I said all of this to say don't give up. Don't hide from your problems. You might want to disappear the 1st day. Play in the grass and avoid the problem the 2nd day. But if you face your fears and/or your problems you will feel more relived and refreshed. You got this!

#KnowYourWorth #DisplayYourWorth Be #worthyworthitpriceless


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