Worthy Spotlight/Worth A Listen: Bri (Briana Babineaux)

So I am very late on this please forgive me. My house been over taken by Disney shows, music and etc. One day when I needed a break so I went to YouTube specifically looking for some gospel music. I saw this video that I had seen before, there was this woman sitting down singing. She was so good I said "Why hasn't anyone signed her?" After looking at the comments I saw her name was Briana Babineaux but she goes by Bri. I did a search for her saw that she was not only signed she has an album out AND the album was #1. I watched a few more videos of her. The next day I picked up her album. I love it my favorite songs are "My Everything"," Jacob's Song" and "Love you forever". Look her up her website Here and her Instagram Here. I am posting a few videos so you can check her out as well. (Photo credit from Bri's Twitter @BrianaBabineaux)


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