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Soooo it's gone again! My hair that is. This won't be my complete journey just today! So I went on Instagram and discovered this barber his name is @SteptheBarber (click the name its a link lol) he has a lot of nice women cuts. So I sent A LOT of pics to my bestie/hairstylist Monique. I decided I was ready for a change. I made the appointment on the JCPenney website I was ready Yassss! hunni! We were both happy so when Monique started she asked me which hairstyle I wanted. I showed her she asked if I wanted to go lower. I was like no this is fine. (Monique KNOWS me) Chile so she does the cut, wash and style. I turned around it was beautiful. But it wasn't me. Yes, I asked her to cut it off. (Told you she knows me) We laughed and when we were done we both agreed it was a great call. 

Now for the message: If you are not sitting down have a seat. I am in the process of change A LOT of things in my life. As most women I put a lot of weight on my hair. (Let me explain that statement I don't mean like wigs or extensions with that. I mean if my hair ain't right I ain't right. With not having hair that mean I have to put more effort into myself.) Today, I came to the realization that just because something looks great on someone doesn't mean it will look great on me.

Back to the message. It is time for me to make a change in my life. I can no longer be bound by what others think I should and shouldn't have. I was in Monique's chair and I almost whispered if she could go lower. She went layer by layer to have me see what each would look like. The thing with that is if I had of came straight in there and said cut it all off I may have NOT been happy because I didn't see that the layers wouldn't work for me. 
Sometimes you have to pull back the layers to see what works for you. When I settled on that cut and we went to the back to re-wash my hair. I felt like crying because there was a weight off of me. I was doing the cut for me.  I prayed that even before I went that God have his way because I was so indecisive. If I hadn't spoken up I would have left unhappy. Monique assured me that while I was sitting in the chair it was MY TIME no need to be afraid of speaking up.
So I change you to pull back the layers and don't be afraid!

*NOTE* please when you go to your hairstylist know what you want. Monique loves me and she has been doing my hair for over a decade someone else might curse you out lol 


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