Don't Let Go (Believe In Yourself)

On this day, 9 years ago my grandma Dorothy taught me to make pillows. So I guess you can say its my pillow making anniversary. But the time is so bittersweet. Coming up to this date I was happy for the progress God allowed me to make with pillows and sewing but I began to cry thinking about the time I wasted not believing in myself. My grandmother would send me sewing emails and we would talk about the other possibilities I had with sewing. I would believe in myself for a while but when the sales weren't there, I would believe it would get better I would put it down and try something else. My biggest regret is that I didn't believe as much in myself while she was here.
  But now I have 2 little eyes that are watching me and following me around the house lol. I can't let her down for sure. I have got to show her that she can push past her boundaries. That although everyday may not be roses that it's still worth waking up!
  Same with you! You have to push past your limits,push past your boundaries. Believe in yourself! You might have a business you are starting now and you were just like me no sales. Don't let money determine the love for your passion. I love making pillows but I hid my love because I based it off of money. I tried other things but none ever worked out I wasn't committed to them. I make other things now still in the realm of sewing but when I made a pillow last night. I felt more alive! You have to find your passion. Find what you would do for free if you had to. Find your gift, your purpose. Maybe your gift isn't something glamorous but it's a gift only you have. No one can do what you do. They may buy the equipment, they may have the supplies but they can't do it like you. Because what God has for you is for you!

#KnowYourWorth #DisplayYourWorth Be #WorthyWorthItPriceless


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