Under Attack?! Keep Moving Forward

   Being under attack isn't fun how could it be. I am not talking about being in a physical fight with someone else. I am talking about all HELL breaking loose in your household, on your job, your relationships are in disarray and the list goes on. Why are you being targeted? Because the enemy hates to lose.
    Lets look at 2 scenarios. 1)  You are starting to see who you really are. You are starting to see your potential. 2) You are getting tired of and old lifestyle and you are ready to move forward. Similar scenarios I know but in both choices what happens you are ready for a change and guess what the enemy can't have that. See because if you start making that change guess what other people are going to look at you and see your change and what to start to want to change themselves. UH OH now there is more souls he can't have. See he wouldn't bother you if he already got you what's the use, your already his. But when you start to leave watch what happens. Things are going to arise in your life that you never thought possible. Another example think about it when you are single and looking you won't be able to find anyone. But if you were single and trying to work on yourself or in a good relationship people would come out of the woodwork okaaaay! Why trying to steal your joy.
    It's not because of you he just doesn't want the enemy to have you. Why because you will be infectious. Your smile infectious! Your glow infectious! The way you carry yourself infectious! What happens when you have an infection? You infect other people. And know they have a smile, a glow and they are caring themselves different. The enemy can't have that!
    I told someone else your just going to have to deal with it. Sorry, but not sorry your mission in life is too important to give up on. We are in this fight together. No matter what you do keep moving forward. You may have to cry, you might not see where your going. You may want to give up but don't quit! You are going to win!!!!


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