Worth A Listen/ Worthy Spotlight: TXS

I discovered TXS while I was randomly on Rico Love's live Instagram. So when I got on he was showcasing TXS's song " Hi Goodbye". All I could see was people asking "Who is that?" her voice was so mesmerizing. I became intrigued myself. Finally, Rico states she is an artist he is working with. Rico went on to showcase 2 more songs and he stated in between songs that he have the link in his bio. I couldn't wait to hear more from her. This discovery couldn't have come at a better time. I was desperately searching for some good R&B I was going to put out an APB on Twitter seriously. Back to TXS not only is her vocals on point but the lyrics are so heartfelt there like she is reading out of a diary of a girl in love. Even on the Rico's live there were women stating that they were going through the same thing in her songs.So enough of me please check her out support her you won't be disappointed.

 Find her by clinking the links below
Instagram ,Soundcloud


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