Knowing when to let go

 Disclaimer : this may seem like I mommy moment post but it isn't stick with me and I will give you the encouragement you need!

  So about the end of November Yava'ah decided she wanted to start walking I was super excited. Yava'ah got half way across the room and I scream in excitement "My baby" chile probably scared the baby half to deaf she walked back and forth a few more times never quite making it all the way across she would walk fall and crawl or whatever when she got tired she came into my arms I held her. This particular time I held her a little longer kinda would't allow her to get down I felt it in my spirit as well as I hear a voice saying " You are holding her back on purpose" It was fine at the moment because we were having a mommy and daughter moment but I knew this couldn't happen often.
 (Side-note: I was stating to anyone who would listen that Yava'ah needs to walk. She is tall and heavy so I wanted her to walk. But sometimes when you get what you want you may not be ready to receive it)
     I never told anyone about it but one day I got a call from a friend and were talking about Yava'ah and I told her about the walking incident. She advise me to be careful. Because although it wasn't fully intentional I could damage Yava'ah in the long run as far as sheltering her to much or she could actually resent me for not allowing her to fly.
   ( I love that girl to death but as I have stated before I NEVER want to stagnate her I want her to be independent. I think for me it was like she was growing up so fast Yava'ah seems 1 going on 30 lol. Around this time Yava'ah didn't want me feeding her she wanted to feed herself and she could hold her own bottle. In my mind it seemed as if she didn't need me. I know she does but you get what I am saying)
   Back to the story: So I made up in my mind that I am going to make it my business to encourage her to walk. A few hours before her fathers birthday I put Yava'ah down and this girl walked repeatedly from on couch to the next. Chile, she was gone back and forth she did have a fall or two but that didn't stop her.

  Moral:that being said some people you have to let them go and make there own mistakes or just live their own life. You can't baby or enable people. That won't give you the independence you need or them. Like I said Yava'ah is in the 90 percentile for her height and she is getting to heavy she gotta walk baby lol.
2nd Lesson: Another part of the story So Yava'ah is cool with walking on carpet she can walk on floors but she isn't all the way comfortable. So Yava'ah I guess wanted to test herself. While her father and I was in the living room Yava'ah decides she is going to walk in the kitchen so she sets off her dad is calling her name repeatedly  Yava'ah doesn't acknowledge UNTIL she got to HER destination the middle of the kitchen. Yava'ah knew her dad was trying to stop her and if she turned around she wouldn't have reached her goal. When she got to where she wanted to be she turned around smiled at him and came on back!!!

 2nd Moral: Don't let ANYONE stop you from reaching your goal. If you got to put your blinders and noise cancellations on block it out. You are toooo valuable to let anyone stop you. God has you on this earth for specific purpose don't give up.

Stay Strong and Be Encouraged know that you are Worthy Worth It and Priceless


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