Music Spotlight: Marcus Canty

Some of you may remember Marcus Canty he was on the show "The X Factor".He was often compared to Bobby Brown. He went on to get a deal with Epic Records. He also had a song on the "Think Like A Man" movie soundtrack "Won't Make A Fool Out Of You" (one of my favorites). He would go on to have his own single "In Out" feat Wale and a follow-up "Used By You".He also released a debut album called "This is....Marcus Canty" on March 2013.
  Marcus was definitely a breath of fresh air. To me it seemed as though he was bringing back real R&B. Then he vanished it's been 3 yrs where is he? Is he still doing music? What's going on?. Below are a few of his songs listen to them and I bet you will be asking the same questions.


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