83 Days what are you going to do?

What's in 83 days you ask? The New Year! Now it the perfect time to get plans in order business plans that is. Lately I have been having people come to me for advice for their business. What I ask first is what do you like to do? Find a way to get paid for doing what you love. What I have found however, the problem is no follow through. When the success doesn't come fast enough people give up.  Well  success isn't going to come fast for the most part and you shouldn't want it to. Use the time for growth. Assess your business. Ask yourself questions Does this product fill a void? Does it solve a problem? Who is your competition and how does your product differ?

 The reason for the 83 days is as you all know the New Year is always a time where everyone reinvents themselves you know the "New Year New Me" then a month or 3 months back to normal. I know that the holidays are about to hit but use this time to work on a business or something you have been longing to do its not to late. If the New Year is too far start today!


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