Mommy Reflection: Dim Her Light

As I look at her watch her favorite Show Emma! I see how happy she is. But it reminds me how crucial my job is as mom. I can truly say we were very blessed with Yava'ah she rarely cries she's always happy other than when she is having her fit a sleep time or she can't have her way (she gets that from her dad lol). But she generally a happy baby she wakes up with a smile on her face. She smiles at everyone she even reaches out to shake hands with strangers (which I don't let her do I don't play about my baby) but seeing that I know I have to protect her all the more. I know I somewhat lived a fairy tale. I took people at face value I thought if I knew you, you wouldn't hurt me BOOOOY was I wrong. With her being so happy people will purposely try to hurt her,break her down and tell her what she can't do. I am very protective of her I try to make sure she is developing properly. But I also monitor who I have around her. Her father and I have talked about this its not so much just having people around her who won't physically harm her but we have to make sure they won't mentally or emotionally harm her either. I realize we live in the real world and disappointments happen but what I can't take is if the words that were spoken to me as a child get spoken to my child I will go off I don't play about my baby.
   As a parent that's how you have to be that child is half of you they didn't ask to be here and they are here because of you. You can't spare peoples feelings when it comes to your child because your child depends on you. If you let your child down as far as not protecting them that's a hard thing to come back from.


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