Mending Broken Hearts

Right now there are a lot of broken hearts if it's not in relationships, it' s family, if not in family it's on the job or the current world events. Where in a state where you don't know what to do or where to turn. Where in a place of what now. In this broken donwn state its comforting to know God is close to the broken hearted. I am aware that most people don't want to hear that. Where's God?! now I can here someone say. He wil not leave or forsake you. I'll explain it this way.
   Earlier today, I was sewing and rushing. I had to get to work but I had orders to finish as I was trying to speed the process through. I was looking for a  product to make it faster. Low and behold, I couldn't find the product. I found the product when I got  home. The product helps mend the fabric before sewing its a bit of a process it may take some time but what's its mended it mended for good. Thats the same with God. you may get your heart broken when dealing with life. Take your broken heart to God he will take care of you. No matter what the situation looks like God has the final say.

Its not a gospel song but it kinda brings it home


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