Good intentions Misunderstood

Haven't we all been at this moment at 1 time or another we try to do the right thing but there is a negative effect from doing it. Someone may think you were intentionally try to hurt them but in all reality you were try to help if so this song is for you.
Or someone wants you to be this angel but you seem to always fail at "their" expectations of you. I know that in relationships especially there is usually 1 partner trying to change the other at some point. Some people buckle under pressure. Some people who they are is all that they are going to be. What I am saying is acept people for who they are if your going to deal with them if not leave them alone. Stop trying to change someone into what you want them to be. If someone shows you who they are and you can't deal with it leave them alone. Why make yourself go through extra headaches and heartaches trying to get them to change. One day, you will wake up and realized how much time you wasted on someone who wanted to do right but couldn't or wouldn't.


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