Can Never Understand

       As a woman I can never understand what it would take to be a man. To live your life without being able to fully express yourself and always being told "You're alright" or "To walk it off" if your hurt. To having to be a man without being taught in most case. Not really having the right role models. Then to being an adult and having a girl/wife that wants you to open up but it's hard when your whole life you were taught keep it in. So we are asking you to undo years of teaching that was the opposite.
     Then you have men who are doing right but always get typecast and stereotypes. You are often believed to be no good be deadbeats. Although, there are some it's not always the case. In some cases, you can't win even if your doing right. If you're good man you often have to try to help a woman love again. You have to gain her trust. You have to show her your different. It's not easy. If your a good man doing what's right salute to you.
       For the ones still trying to get it together Don't give up! Even though society may make you feel it's too late. Everyone may make you feel like you can't make it or you will always be in the position that you are in everyone can change.
 Below is the documentary Tough Guise its a documentary I saw a few years ago in college. It kinda goes with this post.


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