Your Worth

Your worth isn't reliant on your past. Many of us have had troubled childhoods. Where one or both parents were gone or we felt they didn't love us. With that train of thought we either hunt for love or devour the ones that loves us. MEANING: we search for love or we hurt the people that love us because we feel as though we are not capable of being loved which is wrong.
    We tie our worth to the one that didn't deserve us,that was no good for us but hurt us. What I have realized is that all of our experiences shape our love and worth for ourselves.
    What I would like you to do is see yourself differently. You are not the hurt and pain people caused you. I know the those countless heartbreaks and such may have made you think differently about yourself. But I want you to know you not what they said about you. You are worth more than you could ever imagine. Don't allow the past to run your life. Take your life back.  Create your future!!! Let's Go!!!!



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