Worthy Music: Encouragement

God loves you. I was moved to make this post a few days ago but never did but tonight my heart was really touched to do so. Life gets had sometimes and the people you thought were your ride or dies, day1's,  thick and thins end up being gone like the wind. We feel like we have no where to turn. We seem to pray sometimes it seems like no one is there. we often think why are we here? Why do WE have to always go through something.
Or you can be that someone who everyone said you were never going to make it. every time you take a step in the right direction its always something to knock you down and you say why bother? Because you are still here! that mean you got work to do. God doesn't waste time on mess you are so special to him that he had to keep you away from people places and things that were going to destroy you. You are too precious to God for that!
The stress of life can make you question your existence DON"T . The stuff your going through is making you stronger so you can receive ALL God has for you.
here is some encouraging songs to get you through You ARE going to make it! God's got You!!!


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