Made a way

 I don't know who this post would be for. I actually was going to make a post going into a different direction but I have to be obedient.
    What ever you are going through God has you everything will work out. I know you may feel as though nothing is going your way every where you look you are getting a no or doors are slamming in your face, potential jobs aren't calling you back. But God says he is preserving you for the right time right opportunity, the right partner. Don't give up now this is just the beginning. If you give up now you will never get to your blessing. Trust God it's not over. Doubt the doubt in your mind.God will not leave or forsake you. If you need to feel his presence tell him. Don't sit idly by and let your thoughts take over. Let God take over. Give him your burdens rest easy everything will be alright.
    To help you through I wanted to post this song by Travis Greene "Made a Way" you may be in the midst of the storm so you can't see the way being made. But I want you to visualize the way being made, the problem being solved. Rejoice because it's all ready done! It's already finished!  Like Olivia Pope would say "It's handled" by faith it's over!



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