You are not forgotten

When I created Worthy Worth It and Priceless I had women in mind. As time went on I was told that men needed it too. I went on to watch a documentary called "wise guys " where I saw the fight of men. When a man is hurt he can't show emotion. If he gets injured he's told to walk it off. And God forbid he cries it's a sign of weakness. But when he is an adult and he gets into a relationship we want him to express his feelings let us in. So we are trying to reprogram a man who is/was conditioned not to express him to express himself. We expect him to be a man when he was not taught how to be a man or had no man present to show him. It's heartbreaking when you think of it behind some men eyes it's so much pain. Unexpressed pain and when they try that can't put it into words. Often times, there is more than what meets the eye.

  What also needs to be said is that men are needed. I haven't met one person who doesn't have daddy issues. There are men fighting not to be their father. Children missing out on the companionship of there fathers. To single mothers having to play the role of the father. Don't get me wrong there are good guys out there. But we rarely hear of them. Like I stated earlier there are some men trying to break the cycle.
I said all of this to say  MEN: You are loved and needed. You can break the cycle. Sometimes the things you do may go unnoticed. Some of the good deeds you do might go recognized. But don't stop doing what right. You might not always get a thank you. The walk of a man isn't easy. But you are equipped to handle anything. Don't allow your environment or your past to change you into a man your not proud of. Know your worth. You are NOT what they say you are. YOU GOT THIS


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