It's all worth it: Mother's day edition

First and foremost Happy Mother's day to all the mothers. My daughter is my world. Being a mom had been the MOST rewarding thing of my life. But at the time she was born I didn't ferl like I wanted kids. I was more focused on my life. Then I found out. Today,  my little girl is 7 months old. She's the love of my life. She was what I needed when I didn't know what I  needed. She came in my life when I was on the verge of giving up.
    Now I don't mean to say go have a baby. But her birth pushed me to stop  BSing and do something. You might not have the same experience being a mom is hard work. It's sleepless nights, countless doctor visits, diaper changes you get it. But this little girl has my heart and my motto is "I DON'T PLAY ABOUT MY BABY ". If you are a mother or you make that choice to be mom don't take it lightly. There's a child that looks up to you ,needs you. A child that didn't ask to be here. A child that will be a blessing to you if you allow it.


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