Birthday Praise

Thanking God for another year!!! I have been in praise mode since yesterday day. God has been so good last year I was pregnant not knowing how to drive, what direction I was going. I just knew I was determined to have my daughter and she was going to have all the love, motivation to be a great woman. God allowed me to get a better job to provide for my daughter, I can drive, I have a car, I have a tradetrademark I am business owner.  I am no bragging I just praising God. I never thought my life would be like this and if I would have giving up it wouldn't have.
   I wanted to say I thank God for YOU. I may never meet you or connect with you but I appreciate you stopping by viewing the posts, videos and liking the Facebook page. I am so grateful for you. I pray that Worthy Worth It and Priceless touches you, helps you and motivates you.
        Now its time to get my praise on.


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