When you want it more than they do.

I have found myself in the place of the encourager. I don't complain about it only when it comes to pouring out your all and people still not seeing there potential. I realize soon the energy I gave to others I will no longer be able to.
   Anywhoo this is more like a venting session I don't mean to do it but I am tired SERIOUSLY!!!
    There comes a point where you only give people so much advice so many pats on the back people will take all of your energy if you let them. I want people to succeed but with that you have people taking advantage they want that encouragement or that pat for EVERYTHING they do. What you will end up doing is being someone's enabler or someone's crutch. This is something you don't want. They have the want to succeed. They have to do the work. I realize that not everyone was born with super confidence or whatever but they can take action. If they don't they become a burden to you. Once you encourage someone it is up to them to do the work. And it's up to you to have a cut off point. Some people won't even take action until it's there last option. You have a life of your own. God didn't put you on this earth to babysit others. You have a destiny too. Don't feel guilty for walking away some people require more energy than your willing to give up.


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