Support For the Unsupported

You are everyone's cheerleader, You support everyone's dreams and goals. You don't judge, you are accepting.your a friend and you are always there. BUT  when you need someone no one is there. No one will do you a favor after you have done multiple favors while asking for nothing in return.  No one is around when the gas gets low AFTER you used all your gas taking people from here there and everywhere.
    You are at your wits end! You are constantly stabbed in the back by people who were supposed to be there. By People who said that they would always be there. People who said that they would never betray you did just that...Betray you.
    The Hardest thing for you to do right now is keep going. You feel like your in this battle alone and your not. You have got to keep going you owe it to yourself its no reason to come this far to quit. What your going through shows you that victory is on the other side. Everything has a end date BUT you will have to have crazy faith to get there. Now if you go to bible terms think of Noah there was a drought and he is building a boat talking about rain. You know he was ridiculed but he kept going and built the boat.

 I said all of that to say what your going through isn't easy . you may be going through a drought right now. Don't seem like anything is going right. But now is nothing the time to give up. Because without a moments notice because of your hard work faith and dedication you will be rewarded. Don't worry about the support it will come there is always bandwagon rides lol. But you have to continue because it is your destiny. This is your time nothing will be handed to you. You have to work for it some days it will be hard. You want people to support you or be there for you who never will. Be there for yourself! give yourself pep talks. There is no reason to walk out on success. You have what it takes.
   People will not always act the way you want them to. Everyone may not see the vision but do what you have to do for your life. Remember your gifts will always make room for you.


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