Reflection:If I would have known

It is April 25th the 7 year anniversary of my grandmother Dorothy teaching me how to make pillows. This year it means so much more. This is the first year that I am really acknowledging it. As I am starting the store and other vendor opportunities I was always wresting with whether to do the pillows or not. With my grandmother gone you would think it would be a no brainer. Just the opposite Miss Tammy wanted to over think things and complicate things. It wasn't until a friend explained it into a way I could understand and realize. She said " your grandmother loved you. And she entrusted her gift to you. She saw something in you and she wanted to pass her knowledge on to you" in so many words.
   Lately those words came to mind more and more. It reminded me of the times I didn't believe in the pillows because I wasn't getting the sales. I expressed those feeling to grandma I pray I didn't hurt her feelings but I didn't know. I didn't know she entrusted me with a desire of hers that she wasn't able to do. She would always send me encouraging emails about sewing or never giving up. But I never got thefact of I had to keep at it. I just ran to one idea to the next. I missed the chance for my grandmother to see this day where I started to follow my dream.
   What I realize is what I am realizing now do what you love and the sales will come. Let your creative juices flow uninterrupted by fear.

This is my second chance knowing what I know now it could go either way. No matter what I don't have the luxury of giving up


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