Rear view Thinking

     As I gaining more experience with driving I am realizing a lot more about myself. I realized that I was focused more on the rear view mirror than the road. Now this was mostly when no cars were in front of me but nevertheless I realized it.
  One day I asked myself why? For some reason, I believed that the drivers behind me were judging me by my driving. Or you might want to spend up a little for their approval. Only to realize the people in the car in my rear view mirror isn't worried about me. They don't even know me. As I was realizing this I looked at the road ahead and it was a clear road not a car ahead it seemed like for miles.

   I said all of that to say this. We must forget the past. It is literally in the past we made it through. Every person has there own journey if you get to stuck on the past you will NEVER enjoy your present or future. They're is great things in your future but you will never get there with rear view thinking.
    If you want to talk in hater terms. They are behind you. They have look up to see you. You would literally have to look in your rear view to see them. Every twist and turn there doing you've already done. The road ahead is much bigger and better than anything in your past.


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