No respect

Hurt can come from all different angles there's family hurt, church hurt, relationship hurt and etc. I was reflecting on my past hurt and I realized that the people that hurt me didn't care if we were in a relationship or if we were related it was all about what they wanted. Since I am transparent before I knew better I hurt people for no apparent reason. It was the same way.
   The reason why I bring it up now is because you have to be very careful who you let in. People nowadays, seem to only think of themselves. I have seen people get hurt by people who they thought would never leave but did.
     You may be reading this and going through this right now. I will say this revenge never works it may feel good for the moment but it doesn't work out in the end. This maybe something you don't want to hear but I have to say it PRAY. I know when I was in my hurting moments that's all I had my faith grew because God was all I had. My daughter is a testament that God is faithful and answers prayers. He hears and right before you give up he's right there so that you never stumble or fall.

What ever hurt you are going through I want you to speak life into your situation. As God to turn things around. Say to yourself I will make it.  My business will be successful. Make I am,I will and I shall statements . Don't let another day pass with you being miserable. Speak a change over your life, your mind, your spirit and finances. Envision the change and work towards it every chance you get you got this!!!


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