Love or Fear

When I was younger I remember watching talk shows and the women on the show would tell how bad the men were that they were dating.  The talk show host would always ask "why do you stay?" The women would always say "Because I love him" The crowd would go "Aww" and that was it.
      While I do realize that you can't help who you love. I am now asking is it fear of being alone? (I am not talking about domestic violence or verbal abuse situations) society has now made it seem as though their a shortage of men get them while you can type of thing. When I was growing up on of the things no one wanted to be was an old maid. An older woman with no man but usually surrounded by cats.
    If you look on reality shows the relationship ones you will see good women dating a man who chronicly cheats on her and most times there on the SAME show. And from a viewers stand point these are Good women Why stay?  Is it the years invested? The hope he will change? Or is it fear of being alone and not being able to replace that love?
  But is it really love or familiar? Familiar no matter how crazy it's familiar.  You know there moods, you know what they like, everything about them basically. But with someone new you would have to start over.
   Now as my grandmother Dorothy would say " I am not going to tell you to leave him because I have no one to replace them with." But I will say you deserve the best and it may take some time to find the right one that's fine. Don't make finding a mate be your main goal. Find yourself first love you. Heal, you are beautiful! You're worth more than you realize you just have to see it for yourself.



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