Worthy Mom Moments: Does she know

I have been wanting to write about my moments for a while. So I will be documenting them under Worthy Mom Moments.
 She's currently laying on me and the thought came to me does she know how much her mom loves her. Does she know how much she's changed my life. I believe i have stated this before if so forgive me. By God's grace, my daughter saved my life before my daughter was born I made a decision to give up on life. I decided I was done I wasn't trying anymore I was tired of doing things without any benefits. I was working hard and it seemed like i was getting  no where. It seemed as though my degree was pointless. So I secretly decided I was done trying I wouldn't do it myself but when God was ready to take me I was ready.  But God I can truly say she is a miracle! I can definitely say that I want to live. I fight harder for my life I want to be there for her. I want to watch her grow up. I don't want people to tell my daughter about me. I want to tell her teach her. She's everything to me!!!


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