Testimony Time: Driving Towards the Future

Today was the first day I actually drove by myself to work. Okay to back up no I didn't know how to drive long story of why but I never really had the desire,car you know. But from having my daughter I refused to ride the bus.
Today is a milestone for me I did it for my daughter. I purchased a car and everything. Like I stated before I have to be an example for her. Driving is the first step. I can't wait to take her places. Anyone who drives or anyone who has to depend on someone else knows there's no feeling like being able drive and depend on yourself!
   I remember being afraid to drive but Today was a new day. I was asked by my mom and boyfriend if I wanted them to drive me. I  refused i was tired of people driving me around (I appreciate it but tired). I backed into a parking spot and all lol!
   I can't describe the feeling I feel!! I feel complete. I feel accomplished. It's something that will allow me to be a better mom and woman (independent)

God is great.


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