Be an example

Everyone always has an opinion how the world can be better or what someone else should do. I often hear how there are no role models or how certain people don't want to be a role model. But if YOU notice that something needs to be done why don't YOU do it! Why not be the example or role model you didn't have. I have decided that I am not going to let anyone else be a role model or an example for my daughter I am going to be an example for her. I'm not going to tell her look at so and so see how they made it HECK NO. I'm going to tell her my story my struggles and show her how God brought me through.
 My absence has been due to getting my business established bank accounts, getting inventory etc. The essential things to making it happen. My daughter's life well being etc is too important for me to say look at someone else who may or may not let her down or to busy "enjoying life" that don't realize that someone is looking up to them.
 So with that being said make the proper ste8not excuses and do what it takes to follow your dreams.


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