Not helping but hindering

I had to do the hardest thing I have had to do so far having my daughter she was trying to crawl and basically I was holding up the front of her body so her face wouldn't fall into the bed. But when I was realizing as I was holding up her chest her feet kept going while her feet was going her body wasn't moving her feet just kept moving. What I realize was when I let her go that she couldn't keep her body up to even crawl so in a way I was hindering her. So I let her go but when I let her go I saw her struggling and as a mother it hurt me to see her struggling I know she's a baby but I never want to see her struggle but I know that she had to go through this in order for her to actually crawl one day. I love my daughter the craziest thing is that I realize one day I will have to let her go. I realized that she would have to go through struggles that I can't help her through although I want to but some things she has to learn on her own
         I never want my daughter to feel as though I'm not there for her with that being said I can't give her a false sense of hope I can't hinder  her from life I will be here for her as much as I can but I can't stop her growth because one day I won't be here and I never want my daughter to not live her life to the fullest because I'm not here.
     Sometimes we have to let go and know that God will take care of us and our loved ones. We can't control everything because even though it may seem as though we're helping we actually are not we are stunting our own growth. Relinquish control everything will fall into place.


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