I love their love

This picture says it all. I can't even describe it. It so funny to me. When she was earlier in her months he would come home from work anf hold her this girl stopped everything she was doing and would just stare. Like she was soaking him in. Even know when she cries when she's in daddy's arms it seems as though her pain goes away. It was just revealed to me last night there like twins when he goes to sleep not long after she goes  (I  just have to catch up lol) but as I was reflecting back on his pictures with her he has a look of love towards her and she towards him. When he calls her by his nickname he gave her she lights up kicking and everything. I love their love with their love its essential for me to see that it is necessary for their love to grow sometimes when he holds her I leave the room so they can bond. I never want to interfere in that because there will be times in her life a talk with mom can't heal but somethings only daddy can. She will always receive love from me but ain't no love like Daddy's love!



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