Stick with It, Stay Committed (200th post)

    We all have dreams of what we would like to become I have also observed that lately people would like to work with celebrities more and more. Think about it  how did the person that currently work for them get there? They stuck with it.
    I have followed a few people on YouTube Beautiful brown baby doll and Blackonyx77. I remember when these two ladies was doing videos in there bathrooms now beautiful Brown baby doll has been on tv and magazines  (if I'm not mistaken) and Blackonyx77 has her products in Target stores. None of that would be possible if they gave up.
    Your dreams aren't going to happen overnightbut they will come true if you don't give up! I know there will be times your products won't sell there will be times where you have no clients but don't let those times stop you from reaching your dreams.
    One day hopefully I won't be coming to you guys from a blog or a YouTube channel but on a tv screen or  through a seminar (just speaking it into existence lol)  none of that will happen if I give up!
    So let's make a commitment to stick with our dreams NO MATTER WHAT!

With that being said this is my 200th post


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