No Clapback Necessary

For those that don't know a "Clapback " is responding to disrespect.

Everything doesn't deserve your attention. If you're the CEO of the company why would you be concerned about what a janitor thinks of you. No matter what that janitor needs you to work so they have a job.
  Think about "Undercover Boss" those CEO's barely know how to work within there own companies. It's only when they go down to their workers levels that they know what their companies problems are or that that employee even exist. When the show is over what happens they go back to running the company.
   So think about you your life,your moves keeps your haters employed.
Why would you care what a hater thinks about you. The more you concentrate on the hater it's more of a way for the enemy to distract you from your destiny.
    I don't know how many of you watch the show "The Walking Dead" but in the show for the most part sometimes they use knives to kill the zombie because it's silent and guns makes noise. The sound attracts more zombies and if they keep killing zombies they will never get to where they are going. Hence the zombies are distraction on their journey.
 You have to do the same thing. Give your hater silence it's more deadly than sound.(DISCLAIMER: I am not telling you to kill anyone.)
   I will say again everything doesn't deserve your attention. The more you address them the more it's keeping your mind off of your journey. The more it's keeping you from your destiny. Your destiny is too important to be missed.


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