Never in the same place twice

It's all about elevation. You can't relive yesterday so why dwell on it. There's too much baggage that we carry with us from day to day. Think about it so today is Jan 16 if the Lord says the same when we wake up tomorrow it will be Jan 17 Jan 16 will be gone. That's what never in the same place twice means. Even after I write this post mentally I'll be in another mindset. That comes with elevation as well. You don't wake up everyday to stay the same. Everyday is a new day. Don't let your past hold you back. Make it so everyday you're closer to your purpose. Make it so everyday you're closer to conquering your fears. Wake up with a plan that you will not let the enemy get the best of you. Make yourself transparent that the enemy can't use your past against you. Make it so he has to use other tactics to get to you. Don't keep falling for the same mess the enemy knows what you like switch it up on him. Make it so how he trapped you before won't work this time.
          Never in the same place twice. Don't let him get the best of you. You're stronger than what you think. Change things so good that you make your haters nervous. Okaaay it's up to you how you live the rest of your life. I bet you one thing the rest of my life will be the best of my life.

Thanks for reading.

Stay Encouraged You got this!


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