Wrong For Doing Right (Everyone Has an Opinion)

There are tactics being used to distract you from what is right. Everyone will have an opinion of what you should and shouldn't do and the more they question it will instill doubt into you.

As an example I will use parenting. As a parent especially a new parent everyone will have an opinion everyone will seem to somehow be an expert on the matter. You will get advice even when you don't ask

Lets be real! people will say or try to say you spoil a child by holding them. Depending on what you read you can't spoil a newborn you have to give them that sense of security. Now lets just say this principal is true for argument sake. If you listen to those people you could doing more  harm to your child in the long run. But the effects of  spoiling a is something either the child's parents have to deal with initially. People will have opinions but it's the parents who have the final say.
     Okay are you still following me?. Now to bring home the message people will try to tell you what you are doing is wrong and try to impose their opinion on you the more they talk the more it may cast doubt. And that's exactly what the enemy will do he will try to cast doubt when you are doing what right. he will make you feel as though you have no support, no one has your back. He make you feel like you plan will fail. That's because he doesn't want you to reach greatness!! Don't let him win or cast doubt. If what you are doing isn't causing harm to yourself or others what's the problem? Don't ridicule yourself for doing right. Block out others people negative opinion or view and do what's best for you!


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